6:47 PM

Spirit of the Wind

Dirge of the Silvanshee

You dare?
You dare judge us?
You, who have lived a simple life,
An easy life.
Oh yes, I say—
Have you ever held the fate,
The fate of worlds,
In your paws?
What about the lives
Of billions of sophonts?
I thought not.
You little planar traveler,
Thinking he’s all experienced.

You haven’t experienced pain.
You haven’t experienced war.
You haven’t experienced hatred.
You haven’t experienced longing.

Damn you!
You’re so damn lucky
And you can’t even see it!
I have walked the planes.
I have walked the planes between the planes.
I have even gone Outside, to that land of madness.
I have gone mad,
Been swallowed in the fire of insanity,
And I was reborn.
I see stars, dammit!
But I can’t touch them!
They’re so beautiful,
Beckoning to me.
Mocking me.

the planes cast me out.
cast all of us out.
nothing blatant.
it was just…
too much to bear
our crimes,
our sin.
the death of thousands.
all our fault,
yet we had no choice.
damn us.
damn us all.
maybe we already are.
nobody wants us.

But that is my burden to bear!
Not yours!
And not something you may judge me for!

you haven’t experienced pain.
you haven’t experienced war.
you haven’t experienced hatred.
you haven’t experienced longing.
you haven’t experienced death.
you haven’t experienced suffering.

you haven’t experienced life.
or loss.

lucky you, I guess.