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One of the best therian forums in existence.

Therianthropy/Otherkin - General Resources | Transitions: 428 | Added by: Werelist | Date: 11.01.2014

Project Shift is one of the foremost resources on therianthropy, and often is considered one of the go-to sources for a newcomer to the therian community. While the section of essays is relatively limited, they are some of the better ones out there.
Therianthropy/Otherkin - General Resources | Transitions: 304 | Added by: Citrakayah | Date: 10.20.2013

Akhila's site. Houses links, essays relating to experiences as a trans* individual and a clouded leopard/raven therian. Also he was kind enough to translate "A Skeptic's Guide to Therianthropy" into Frence.
Therianthropy - Personal Sites | Transitions: 257 | Added by: Citrakayah | Date: 06.22.2013

Elinox's (seawolf therian/otherkin) writings. Contains poetry, essays on the therian/otherkin communities, and her experiences.
Therianthropy - Personal Sites | Transitions: 393 | Added by: Citrakayah | Date: 06.22.2013

The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) is a database cataloging the various species we share our planet with. Each detailed entry discusses matters like range, habitat, and behavior.
Science - General Biology Resources | Transitions: 271 | Added by: Citrakayah | Date: 06.22.2013

Arawn's site. Relates to her experiences. Currently the main page is under construction after having been accidentally blanked.
Therianthropy - Personal Sites | Transitions: 263 | Added by: Citrakayah | Date: 06.22.2013