6:47 PM

Spirit of the Wind


A bottle tossed out of a car lands in sand,
The impact making it shatter into a million pieces.
A thoughtless litterer, an addled fool,

A malicious drunkard,
The end result is the same.
A thorn of glass on the roadside.

Fate is as temperamental and unpredictable as genesis is cryptic
Will it slash the foot of some creature?

Will it be gathered by a ravenous street sweeper
And placed inside the dark, dank interior of a landfill?
Or will it be washed by the pouring rain away from the hard asphalt street,
Millimeter by millimeter,

And sent into the embrace of grass?

Will it shall weather,
Over time becoming dull, but still rough?
A piece of deadly litter turned into a gleaming gemstone.

-- Citrakayah

Written in late 2010