6:49 PM

Spirit of the Wind


As I follow the scent trail
Of the prey I seek,
My head is filled with images-
My territory being taken;
Hundreds of yellow monsters
Ripping up the earth;
The gazelle, the zebra
All disappearing;
And I, a former ruler,
Am exiled to an enemy's territory.

I push these images out of my mind.
I will not let them distract me.
For if I make a sound
I will go hungry again.
I burst out of the grass
And sprint towards my prey,
But I collapse before I can catch it.
I cannot gather the strength to pursue.
Throughout the night I lie there
Wondering what will happen to me.

When I awake
I am trapped inside a strange cave
With shiny sticks blocking the only exit.
The floor is cold and hard
And there is no sun to warm my body.
I hear the sounds of men outside the cave,
And I crouch in the corner
Preparing to defend myself.
I hear myself snarl
Then the men running towards the cave.
I see one remove the sticks and come in.
As he approaches me
I lash out and strike.

I hear him scream, then a sudden bang
And I feel myself fall to the ground.
Is that blood coming from my chest
Staining my spotted fur?
And then I remember
Men coming after my mother with roaring sticks.
I remember the sudden bang
And my littermates and I were alone.
My brothers and sisters perished,
But I survived.
And now, the last of my family
I feel my growing weaker
And then I die.

-- Citrakayah

Written 2009