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11. [Citrakāyaḥ]   (01.14.2013 3:57 AM)
Hello spammers. I'd just like to say thank you for visiting this page. Rest assured that I shall fairly quickly delete your post, and not buy what you are selling, but your visit has reset the Counter of Doom, and for that much I am grateful.

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10. Kassidy   (06.17.2012 11:54 PM)
Lovely new site. :-) I'm very much enjoying it thus far.

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9. [Citrakāyaḥ]   (04.08.2012 5:55 PM)
Lobocursor: You're quite welcome to do so.

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8. Lobocursor   (04.01.2012 11:08 AM) E-mail
"Therianthropy as a Result" is a very good article about Therians. If someday I dare to write abouth Therians I would like to quote you if you don't mind.

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7. Foxeh   (03.30.2012 3:45 PM)
Hi! Nice site

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6. Amarok   (03.28.2012 5:16 AM) E-mail
I like the set-up cheetah, I'll have to poke in more and read some of your works. biggrin

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5. Amourosa Wolfsight   (03.28.2012 2:48 AM)
Very nice look, great job! I look forward to reading the articles.

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4. Somnia   (03.28.2012 1:42 AM)
Love your website! The welcoming page is very nice smile

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3. Shang (Arawn)   (03.26.2012 5:41 AM)
I've been enjoying reading your articles and I love your artwork. smile Please keep on posting!

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2. Mist Weaver, of Chimera System   (02.19.2012 10:44 PM) E-mail
Great new website. I think your set-up is really amazing. I can't wait to read what you might decide to write next.

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1. Shang   (02.09.2012 3:46 AM)

I can't wait to see more!


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